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Experience a non-invasive, gentle way to ease muscular tension while dissolving stagnant energy from deep within...

Sonic Massage

Himalayan singing bowls are placed upon your body so you feel the subtle vibrations working through you to establish a smooth flow of energy. Weighted tuning forks are also applied to acupuncture points all over the body and around specific areas of tension to further relax and unwind providing targeted relief.

These beautiful sessions facilitate an emptying of the mind which enables you to move deeper into peace. Your thoughts fade away allowing you to reconnect and be more present to your body and what it is you truly need.Ā 

Sonic Massage is beneficial for...

  • Easing muscular tension and physical discomfort.

  • Stimulating energy flow through the spinal column.

  • Dissolving emotional blockages through the meridian pathways and body.

  • Bringing you into a deeper relationship with your body.

  • Awakening presence and creating a sense of inner spaciousness.

  • Encouraging your mind to move from over-activity toward stillness by grounding excess energy.

Treatments are non-invasive and performed whilst fully clothed. Many find the sound is able to move to areas difficult to treat through hands on bodywork and feel an instant sense of ease without uncomfortable, physical manipulation. For some it may be a safe and gentle way to experience a form of bodywork if you're sensitive to or challenged by physical touch.