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Attunements & Channelled Activations


These sessions are designed to install and attune you to archetypal energies and sacred architectures within the light body using tuning forks, a variety of other instruments and channelled light language.

I've been a channel for multiple light languages both written and expressed through my voice for over 20 years. Having self-studied astrology for this same length of time, I have a deepened and embodied awareness of the planetary archetypes. If you know your exact birth time, we can work with the energies of your astrological chart to enhance or ease current transits and cultivate a new awareness of the archetypes within.

Archetypal Attunements Include...

  • The Asteroid Goddesses - Pallas, Ceres, Vesta + Juno

  • Mars and Venus - Harmonising the masculine/feminine energies

  • Chiron

  • Nibiru

  • Sedna

  • Hygeia and more

Sacred Geometry Activations

  • Cosmic Capstone

  • Celestial Tuning

  • Unwinding with the Fibonacci Spiral

  • Metatron's Cube