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Uplifting frequencies to clear the way forward and seed new possibilities...

Tuning Fork Therapy

BAST Method tuning fork treatments provide direct and targeted treatment by introducing sound to the auric field and working with the subtle energetics of our being.

The sound of tuning forks have a beautiful tone and clarity which speak to our innate intelligence and re-calibrate our system. They're highly effective for clearing patterns held within our energetic matrix while stimulating a very clear, experiential awareness.

The BAST Method of Tuning Fork Therapy offers a number of protocols for clearing belief systems, working with complex patterns and systemic imbalance, reducing the charge of impactful experiences, moving through fears and phobias and of course general balancing.

BAST Method Tuning Fork Therapy is beneficial for...

  • Working directly with the subtle energy system, auric field and multiple levels of being.

  • Transforming limiting beliefs while seeding positive thoughts and feelings.

  • Creating inner spaciousness and energetic alignment.

  • Dissolving the charge around traumatic experiences.

  • Supporting focus, relaxation and mental balance with Brainsound forks.

  • Working with fears / phobias and for reinforcing positive flow on all levels.

  • Shifting persistent emotional states.

  • Soul-level and emotional healing.

  • Times when you can't quite put your finger on exactly what is holding you back or there is a lot unfolding at once.            

During your treatment, energetic testing is used to determine the nature, flow and tones of the tuning forks that are introduced to your being. This enhances the experience by meeting your needs with the precise frequencies required to facilitate a desirable outcome. After each "correction" is applied we discuss your somatic response and emotional resonance before proceeding onto the next step until your being signals that the process is complete.