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Be immersed in holographic sounds and experience the universe within...

Gong Therapy

A one to one gong session is a profound experience that can change the way in which you see yourself and the world around you. As multiple gongs are played, they generate a complex wave of frequencies, creating a holographic sound immersion with deep tones and swirling harmonics. This enables you to quickly drop into altered states of consciousness and deep relaxation.

From here you may witness your multidimensional nature, connect to all that is and touch on the infinite potential of your limitless being. The ego is silenced as you drop into alignment with your I Am presence.

Gong therapy is especially suited when you feel stuck in old patterns of tension and conditioning. They produce otherworldly sounds that can transform, awaken and empower your emergence into a new way of being. As the sound waves move through you, they seek to resolve discordant energy whether its source be physical injury, emotional patterning or memories of past experiences. Anything that is out of alignment with your innate frequency has the potential to be brought to light and shifted through the guidance of the Gong.

The gongs are a beautiful sonic tool to experience, rich in harmonics and subtle textures. The vibrations of them can be felt resonating within the body, resulting in a gentle and pleasurable sensation of being massaged from within.

Gong Therapy is beneficial for...

  • Gently supporting the collapse of ego constructs and old identities.

  • Dissolving limitations.

  • Deep cleansing and shattering off stagnant, stuck energy.

  • Supporting a breakthrough in awareness.

  • Exploring altered states of consciousness.

  • Facilitating a state of oneness and expanded, universal awareness.

  • Light body activation.

  • Shadow alchemy.

  • Reducing physical discomfort such as pain, tension, muscular aches and stiffness.

  • Supporting deep states of relaxation and regeneration.

  • Taking a deeper look at challenging experiences and emotional states.

  • Silencing the mind and awakening inner power.

During a one on one gong session, high quality paiste gongs are chosen based on their sound character and set up all around you. A therapeutic score is composed to meet your needs and finished off with grounding percussion. As the sound enters your being, you observe a metamorphosis of the constructs identified prior to treatment. The session is completed with an exploration of your personal resonance.

Each session is unique, client centred and delivered with compassion and care. Your appointment will include time to go through any relevant history and from there your needs and intention are addressed.