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Like shining a light into the hidden layers of consciousness, therapeutic sound facilitates insight, release and a profound sense of connection to who you are and all that is...

BAST Method Sound Therapy

These sessions are tailored to suit your needs and personal intention. Treatment is applied based on the results of a diagnostic scan which reveals your priority for care and the state of energy flow. During the session you'll journey through the sounds of Himalayan singing bowls, vocal toning, crystal singing bowls and gentle percussion. The notes and tones of instruments are carefully selected based on your presenting state.

Once the sound has been offered, we explore any resonance, resistance and release that you experienced and take a deeper look. This enhances the process by promoting awareness and understanding.

BAST Method Sound Therapy is beneficial for...

  • Deep relaxation, stress reduction, restoring clarity and developing a positive mental attitude and outlook.

  • Accessing a parasympathetic state where the body can self-regulate and heal.

  • Working through challenging emotional states.

  • Becoming more present to your inner guidance system.

  • Lowering blood pressure, promoting physical regeneration, deeper breathing and better quality sleep.

  • Mental health conditions such as mild depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, disordered eating patterns and self image issues as a compliment to conventional treatment.

  • Deepening your level of support when experiencing chronic or acute health issues or enduring circumstances.

Each session is unique, client centred and non-invasive. Your first appointment includes time to go through any relevant medical history and from there your needs and intention are addressed. Treatments are carried out whilst fully clothed. You'll feel relaxed and at ease, laying on a comfy massage table whilst Rebecca introduces sound to your being.

4 consecutive treatments at weekly intervals are recommended to gain the most out of your therapeutic process, particularly if you're new to this work or seeking support for a long term challenge or condition. You'll still enjoy immense benefits as a one-off session or whenever you feel the need for additional support and insight.