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Integrative sound medicine to restore harmony on all levels of being...

Acutonics® Tuning Fork Treatments

Acutonics® is an in depth fusion of applied sound frequency, planetary archetypes and Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy. Precision calibrated, weighted forks tuned to various celestial bodies are placed upon acupoints sending their vibrations deep within your cells and organ systems via subtle pathways. These are alternated with high frequency forks used in the auric field over points or traced along meridian pathways and extraordinary vessels where they work through the subtle layers.

Each session is tailored to meet your needs based on an in depth consultation and observation of your presenting state. The acupoints and planetary frequencies used in your treatment are specially selected to ensure you receive the best outcome.

This is an integrative methodology, which interacts with your whole being to create an internal atmosphere that's conducive to healing so every cell begins to sing in harmony! The use of planetary sound signatures has a profound effect upon our being. Not only does this create a space to attune on the inner planes, but it invites us to experience a deeper harmony with the cycles of nature, the world around us and the ebb and flow of life itself.

Acutonics® is beneficial for...

  • Working directly with many physical health issues.

  • Exploring the planetary archetypes within.

  • Nervous system support.

  • Nurturing a healing environment within the body.

  • Supporting recovery from infection, vaccination and illness.

  • Building the immune system.

  • Clearing the elimination pathways and supporting detoxification protocols.

  • Enhancing vitality and wellbeing.

  • Managing chronic health conditions.

  • Replenishing energy levels.

  • Deep relaxation and accessing parasympathetic states.

  • Systemic support during major life transitions.

  • Facilitating emotional release and healing.

  • Instilling peace, calm and connection within and without.

“Sound has the power to heal our wound, ignite our spirit, change our consciousness, and re-unite us with the divine harmonies and rhythms of the Universe.”

– Donna Carey PhD, L.Ac. co-founder of Acutonics® Integrative Medicine