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Ground within the seasonal energy and bring a deep level of support to the governing element and organ systems...

These sessions were inspired by my love of living in harmony with nature.  Rooted in the principles of TCM and Acutonics®, these treatments focus on accessing and supporting the element and organ system associated with each season. You can journey over the course of a year experiencing each session or can receive them as needed either when the energy is active or based upon a sense of what element needs a little extra care and attention.

As well as experiencing a beautiful treatment, you'll receive an activation template to colour, energy medicine exercises and an EFT tapping script to take home and integrate into your self-nourishment time.


Organ System - Spleen / Stomach

Season - Late Summer - From Summer Solstice to Autumn Equinox


Organ System - Lung / Large Intestine

Season - Autumn


Organ System - Kidney / Bladder

Season - Winter


Organ System - Liver / Gall Bladder

Season - Spring


Organ System - Heart / Small Intestine + Pericardium / Triple Warmer

Season - Summer